THE NOVEL: A Slide Show

The idea for Hag came to me when I met an "older" woman--that is, a woman who was then in her 60s, the same age, in fact, as myself.. She was a very stylish woman, perhaps because she was European and had never fully Americanized. I usually saw her in dresses and high heels, with mascara and lipstick, very elegant. I had just finished writing my two Lola novels, Orifice and Autobiography of a Wanderer, but had a nagging feeling that the subject of those novels—the artist's exploration of the Muse—had truly eluded me. Perhaps I wasn't yet finished with Lola. Could this woman be the model for another Lola? I brooded over this for some time. I liked the idea of an older woman. The Muse was ancient, was she not? One day I got on another Mexican bus. I returned to Aguascalientes, the Mina Hotel, the Excelsior Cafe. I began to write.

The HAG is both a movie and a novel by D.N. Stuefloten.
The movie is an hour and fifteen minutes long, and shot mostly in Mexico.
The novel is 234 pages and has 161 black and white images.
The movie can be seen here, and the novel—both as a paperback and an e-book—is available at Amazon.com.